My name is Graham Denzler for 14 years I have been doing concert photography. My early work is film so sadly they won't be on here.

I started doing concert photography when a high school buddy of mine realized I was driving great distances to see national acts play. He suggested that I do photos at the shows and told me to talk to his co-worker. From there I got into photography, got on board with a local paper and started covering some national shows like several Ozzfests, some Mayhem Festivals, Sounds of the Underground and Music as a Weapon Tour. I have had my photos used my ESP Guitars for their catalog, Groove Juice, Gibson guitars, Spector European Catalog.

My work is all digital now. Everything I shoot is in RAW format making it easy for me to edit the photos. Now when i photography a show, I do my best to get it right the first time so I have little to no editing needed. I live in the Cary, NC but I do travel to Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, and sometimes even further. My work has been primary concert and bands. But I do branch out to doing modeling / portraits and even some events and cars.

I love doing photography, since i am not to good at drawing. Photography lets me be creative and try new things. With concert photography there is more of a challenge due to the constant light change and the members moving around on stage. So when I come from a show and I get a "money shot" that requires minimal editing I am more than ecstatic.

Apart of doing concert photography and branching into model / portrait and event photography I am usually at the gym 3-5 times a week. Or I may be home watching Netflix, even the gun range, or playing a game on my PS4. 

if you are looking for some one to work with on your photo needs I would be happy to talk to you. Best ways to reach me are via the email link on here, my Facebook photography page.

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